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I recently watched the Nate Berkus show and learned about some creative ways to wrap gifts. I was particularly interested because my mother-in-law and I always pay attention to one another's gift wrapping techniques. We had attended a gift wrapping seminar at our church a year or two ago and the way they wraps gifts was so perfect. Needless to say, we have not been able to meet their standards, but we try!

If you really dislike wrapping gifts or do not think you are very good at it, you can rest easy because this post is for YOU!

Here are some ideas I like:

Wrap gifts inside of another gift! These are great for bridal showers!

- silk scarf
- apron
- tea towels
- cloth napkins

For example, you could purchase some kitchen goods and wrap them up with a tea towel and ribbon or just tie a knot.
Wrap gifts with boring paper, but give them pizazz! This is great for every holiday and occasion!

- ribbon, twine and anything you can tie
- embellishments like ornaments, yarn, scrapbooking paper, etc.
- brown paper bags
- stamps
- craft paper
- butcher paper

For example, you could let your child draw on butcher paper and wrap the gift with handmade drawings. This is great for a kid's birthday party or for a grandparent. Another idea would be to wrap your gift in craft paper and use ink stamps to decorate. Of course, using anything extra like ribbon and embellishments will make the present unique. Your options are endless - just look around the house, you'll find something!
I really wanted to use these ideas this past Christmas, but I have SO many wedding gift bags! I need to use those first. I did use some of the white and silver ones for Christmas - nothing fancy though. My presents looked more festive inside the wrapping this year! I spent a lot of time making the present look cool, rather than the wrapping. But hey - wrapping does matter! Ha!

Here is a couple gifts I gave this Christmas...
You might recognize the coffee cup from here or maybe the lined envelopes from here? :)

If you have any pictures, tips or ideas on how to wrap a gift, please leave a comment and let me know!

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