Shelly Robbins: ( January 16, 2011 ) Sometimes we get to experience Oz (Awes!) over and over again in a single day! I was at Fazoli's that day and happened to see a Light The Night Walk event to raise funds for cure for cancer that was taking place that very same night! Well, I knew right away that Michael and I would want to be a part of it but I thought it was too late to sign up. So what? I thought, why not go anyway and show our support for the cause?!! The decision to just go and do this no matter what, in hindsight, has been remarkably life-changing. It's hard to describe how I had been feeling for years, other than to say I felt numb to myself. This day drew me out into the world to experience so much in just a few hours. It turned out to be an adventure, comedy, drama all rolled up together. It was freezing cold but we didn't let that stop us - we bundled, got there really early, walked to the 7-11 and were eating hotdogs outside for about 10 minutes, during which time at least three people asked us if we needed a place to stay or if we would take some money! They thought we were homeless! Guess the couldn't believe anyone in their right mind would be out there in that freezing cold eating hot dogs! Then we went to the event which turned out 1,000 walkers that day who raised $97,000! It was truly inspiring to be there and feel part of things. We got to light a tribute candle for Michael's friend Jimmy who had passed away Dec 31 2008, the same year Michael had been diagnosed and completed the hospital treatments for a cancerous brain tumor. There must have been over one hundred candles that were lit by everyone, we were talking about Jimmy and how it was an appropriate time to celebrate his life because November had been his birthday - when all of a sudden the candle we lit for him blew out but none of the others did. At this point Michael had been hugging me and crying because he was missing Jimmy so he didn't see the candle. I turned him toward it and told him that I believe Jimmy blew it out because he wanted him to know that he was fine where he was now and happy that we remembered him on his birthday so he had blown his candle out to show us! Right then and there we both decided we would have a tribute celebration of Jimmy every year in November by lighting a candle for his birthday! As we left that evening we knew that God had called us to be there that day to see and know the power that exists throughout many people in this world to love one another! 

A Writer: ( December 1, 2010 ) I'm in awe of how glorious and beautiful God is. How amazing is He to give us nature just as a little glimpse of who He is. Today it's stormy, windy, rainy, and beautiful outside. It's wonderful how something like a storm can be so fierce and scary yet majestic at the same time. As I was walking today and the wind was howling around I realized that the weather around me should cause me to feel unsafe or at least scared of the terror that the clouds promised. But, instead I was in awe of how wonderful our God is. He can be fierce, majestic, and beautiful all at the same time. But He's good- that He's promised. "Course he isn’t safe. But he’s good. He’s the King, I tell you.” Chronicles of Narnia - The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe

Rebekah Tinsley: ( November 9, 2010 ) Today I saw the beauty of God in dance, and continue to ponder in amazement how He shows Himself in everything! Dance shows the gentleness of Christ in the rhythmic, soothing flow across the floor. You can't help but be attracted to it--mesmerized even at times. Each step and each movement made is a strong & controlled force to deliberately move the dancer into place. There cannot be a haphazard fling of the arm or leg, or it will throw off the balance & whole routine of the dance. But if that Strength is behind the movement, then the dance will continue with graceful purpose. And all the while the dancer is drawn by music to inspire them to press forward until the end... Today I saw the beauty of God in dance, and I am in awe.

Connie Bray: ( November 8, 2010 ) My daily awe moment was getting to speak to one of my many customers at GEICO. Our conversation started as perfectly normal and quickly turned more serious. She opened up and told me her husband of 56 years has brain cancer and can no longer take care of the household finances. After 56 years of marriage, she is having to stand up on her own and learn how to live quite frankly alone. In just a brief conversation, I was so touched by the woman that I broke down. How could she be so strong, at such a hard moment in her life? Truly makes you sit back and think...count each day as a blessing from God and hold it dearly.