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I have been reading through Genesis during my quiet times. I have really enjoyed reading the stories that most kids hear in Sunday school. A couple of days ago I read Genesis 15; God told Abram (soon to be Abraham) that he would bear a son who would become his heir. Abram found this hard to believe since his wife, Sarai (soon to be Sarah) was barren. God proceeded to tell him later in Genesis 15 that he was sure his descendants would be sojourners in the land that was not theirs and would endure hard times for 400 years. He was sure of it, but promised it would end! Could you imagine!?!

Reading this could not have come at a better time being that I was still waiting to hear from Sherwin-Williams for a potential job. It is hard to endure and wait for the Lord sometimes. God never promised that the right path would be the easy path. In fact, He said it would be hard. Paul said in 2 Timothy 3:12, "Indeed, all who desire to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will be persecuted." What did we expect then?

This reminds me of the next part of Genesis, chapter 16. Sarai was barren and told her husband to take their servant Hagar as a wife and try to conceive a child. All Sarai wanted was a child, I do not think she was thinking clearly. What woman would want her husband to be with another man!? Seriously! Guess what? Hagar, the servant, got pregnant and gave birth to Ishmael. Sarai did not like any part of this either.

The point I am trying to make between both of these stories is that so often we try to take our own path. We turn our back on the One who provides everything we need and who wrote the story of our lives. He planned out everything that happened yesterday, what happened today, and what will happen tomorrow and the rest of our lives. We are so quick to find a human solution to our problems rather than trusting that He is up to something.

I told a couple of people the day before I heard back from Sherwin-Williams that I thought God was closing the door on this opportunity. I was sure of it. I do not know how because I definitely was not taking this matter to Him on a frequent basis. I will admit, I came up with my solution, a human solution to make my current situation easier to handle. No one likes uncertainty because it is hard and uncomfortable. You want to know the good news? God has it under control, trust Him. I am speaking more to myself than any of you right now because this is the very thing I have been struggling with for quite some time, ask Robyn. She told me on a weekly basis that I was not trusting God. She is right!

Can you imagine what it must have been like to be told that your descendants will go through terrible, terrible, terrible times for 400 years? Or imagine what it must have been like for Sarai knowing she was barren and also knowing that God told her husband he would have son. We have to ask ourselves frequently, "Will I trust God in this matter?" I do not do it enough and I want you to know that. When we choose our own path, the human solution, we find ourselves at a dead end with more problems to be dealt with. When we choose God, trust Him and follow Him, we know we are on the right path.

I have a job interview with Sherwin-Williams on January 28th with the district manager in this area. This interview determines if I will work for them or not. I know that I am qualified, not to sound conceited. They are looking for individuals who know nothing about paint so that they can teach them and have a blank slate to work with. Thank goodness! :) If I do not get this job, I KNOW FOR A FACT that this is not where God wants me. There is no other explanation for it. There is so much hope and peace when you put your trust in God. Do it! :)

Which path will you choose?

"My God is huge and my God is able. If I don't get what I ask Him for, I know I'll get something bigger." - Beth Moore

     Torrie Anderson

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