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Our living room has changed A LOT over the past four months. We recently rearranged the majority of our house to accommodate our new Xbox Kinect we received for Christmas. While it was stressful at times, we are really pleased with the way the house is set up now.

Stephen and I have been out of town pretty much every weekend, except for a couple, since we have gotten married in September. It has been exhausting, but fun all at the same time. This past weekend we had the chance to stay at home in Chesapeake the WHOLE TIME! Woohoo! Stephen is such a great husband! He helped me with a decorating project the entire weekend too. Just to refresh you, here is what the wall above our living room couch looked like BEFORE...
Here is the AFTER picture and what it looks like now...
When I say weekend project, I really mean it. On Friday night, we picked out some of our favorite pictures and ordered them off of Walmart.com. We also laid out our first design of the picture frame collage on the floor.
On Saturday, we picked up the photos, trimmed them, cleaned the glass in the picture frames and inserted our newly picked out pictures. Oh and did I mentioned we rearranged the frames another time? We did.
On Sunday, we spent several hours hanging the picture frames. It was quite the undertaking, let me tell you. We had rearranged the picture frames several more times before hanging because we were afraid the wall to the left of the couch would look bare. We decided that by making our shape go onto two walls it would make the collage look more interesting and make the space look better. What do you think?
Today, while Stephen was at work, I spent THE DAY making some finishing touches in our living room and started a project in our dining room (if you want to call it that). I used a glass jar that we dug up out of the ground at the Anderson farm. It has a date on it from the 1930's. :) I also used a teacup and saucer that Stephen's Grandad gave me - it used to be his grandmother's. I just love things that have a story behind them. :) You cannot tell in the picture, but I filled the jar with corn kernels to finish off the look.
Another finishing touch I made to our collage was etching a mirror. It was so fun, so quick and so easy. Check back tomorrow to learn how to do this yourself - easy peasy! :)
Are you redecorating a space in your home? I would love to hear about it. :)

     Torrie Anderson
Debbie Robbins
1/19/2011 01:45:20 am

Wow....how beautiful! I love the way you took the collage to the other wall as well...great idea! Can't wait to hear how you etched a mirror. That would be a great gift idea for people as mirrors can be inexpensive and the gift would be thoughtful.


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