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I will not be posting the etching tutorial today, but check back tomorrow. I had one of my best friends come over for lunch this afternoon and we are having over family for dinner this evening. I still need to run to the store to get some milk, clean and work a little. Oh and the laundry. And hang up clothes. Oh my. I better get moving!

Anyways, I just ran across a video of an 11-year old boy speaking about who God is in every single book of the Bible. I have to confess that I thought it was just memorized and that he did not believe what he was saying at first. However, after he covered Revelation and continued spouting out about who God is, how big He is and the relationship He has with Christ, I changed my mind. It was exactly what I needed to hear today. It is good to be reminded of God's truth each and every day, but there is something so humbling and touching to hear it from an 11-year old. I pray that my children will know the Lord the way this child seems to know Him. It is only 4 minutes long - it is a must see. Click here.

I guess this could be considered a daily awe moment, however it is not something small. God is so big. Our minds cannot grasp how big He is and how small we are. Here is another video I saw a while ago. It puts our size into perspective. Quite humbling as well. Why do we ever think that we have things under control and do not need God? I mean we know we need God, but our actions sometimes say that we do not need Him. Can anyone relate?  Just think about the enormity of the universe and know that God made it all and does take care of it all. He is in control. You can try, but you will find yourself always trying fill a void that only Jesus can fill.

     Torrie Anderson
1/19/2011 07:59:55 pm

Yes, Torrie-God is SO AWESOME! Afriend of mine has these words on a plaque in her kitchen:"GOD is the Blessed Controller of all."

You are doing a wonderful thing by doing this blog...I think this is exactly what God wants you to do. Bless you dear special Grand-daughter.

1/27/2011 06:47:37 am

wow, i love this! So cute!


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