Human. -
Anyone ever heard of the Dove Awards? I just discovered it on YouTube, about 8 months too late! Anyways, I found the video of Natalie Grant singing her new song, Human, with Jordin Sparks. Not only did it touch me personally this afternoon, I was touched by the expression on Natalie's face when Jordin hit a high note (look at 3:19). It literally gave me chill bumps. 
I  have absolutely NO idea what was going through Natalie's mind when Jordin hit that note, but it made me want someone to have that same excitement and expression, when I do something. And when I say someone, I mean someone in particular, Jesus. Stephen and I have been reflecting on 1 John 2:28 because of a sermon we heard a few Sundays ago at River Oak Church in Chesapeake, VA. Senior Pastor Heath Burris said that we should be living in the light of the second coming. WOW!

I think it is pretty
awe-some that God allows our minds to link different ideas together. What the pastor preached a couple Sundays ago, hit something deep within me. Unfortunately, I allowed it to escape my mind by the time Monday morning rolled around. Thanks to God alone, He allowed me (in a state of "the funk" all know what mood I am talking about!) to notice one second in a video clip that has completed changed my attitude. My challenge, to myself and to you all, is to live to please God first, striving for his face to give the same expression as Natalie's did for Jordin's beautiful voice. Can you imagine it?

     Torrie Anderson

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