Happy (belated) Thanksgiving!! -
I hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving celebrations yesterday! Stephen and I enjoyed a delicious dinner (well it was at 1:00 PM, so would that be lunch?!) at his parents house. It was such a great time with family - all of his siblings, his two brother-in-laws and our niece and nephew were there too. Not only was the food good, but the time shared with family was awe-some! We were able to spend some very meaningful time talking and hearing about what God was doing in each and every one of our lives. For me, it really put my circumstances into perspective. Sometimes I forget how big God is or that He is actually doing something with us. When I feel like I do not hear Him (usually my fault for not pursuing Him), I panic and start to try to control my circumstances and not trust in Him. Hearing from others about how God is working in them and their families was humbling.
So...how many of you went shopping today?! Oh - what time were you out there too?! The idea of waking up early to go shopping used to be so appealing to me, but not anymore. For some reason, since I have converted to shopping at discount and thrift stores, I have such a hard time paying retail price for anything. I will still do it, but I know that I can find a good deal on certain things. 
I headed out to the mall with my mother-in-law, sister-in-law, niece, and nephew this morning around 10. We went to a few different stores, but did not have anything specific in mind. Rest assured, I had my crafty goggles on! Window shopping/ browsing is one of my favorite things to do. Today, I saw this ornament in Macy's for $9.00. It was 60% off, which is good, BUT NOT GREAT! :)

I know that some families like to do Christmas crafts right around this time of year, so I am hoping to give you all a new idea. Most craft stores are selling 6-8 packs of white Christmas balls for only a couple of bucks right now. To achieve the design in this picture, you can use red and green sharpies to draw directly onto the white Christmas ball. My Aunt Tee always says that adding a little bit of sparkle or bedazzle, really makes the craft a finished product, so I would suggest using silver sparkle nail polish or some glitter glue to make the berries sparkly - it will look really great with your Christmas lights reflecting off of them.

Stephen and I are going to be putting up our Christmas decorations this upcoming week. I am really looking forward to it because it is our first Christmas together as a married couple! I have a couple of new decorating ideas that I want to try out. I will try and post about them as the week progresses.

If you have any Christmas craft or decorating ideas, please share them! I would love to feature them on the blog. You can email me at vkay88@gmail.com to send pictures too!

     Torrie Anderson

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