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Have you addressed your Christmas 2011 cards? Ha! You are probably thinking I am a lunatic, huh? To be honest, I am pretty sure my inspiration to already purchase our Christmas 2011 cards AND address them, is that for our first Christmas as a married couple, we did NOT send out Christmas cards. I felt like I was doing my friends and family a favor since they received Save the Dates, Bridal Shower invitations, Wedding invitations AND Thank You notes from us last year. I know that we are taking over everyone's refrigerator right now - so sorry!
My first tip to you today is, go buy your Christmas 2011 cards. Everything Christmas is on sale and not just the 10% off sales that deceive us into thinking we are getting a good deal. I am talking 50-75% off. You just cannot beat that. Even thrift stores have their Christmas products on sale!

Stephen and I picked out our Christmas 2011 cards while in Nags Head last weekend. And want to know where they are from? KMART! Ha! They were 50% off. We got two packages, so in other words it was buy one get one free! :) I am really itching to show them to you, but that would totally ruin the surprise to those of you who will be receiving one. You will have to wait another 353 days! :)

My second tip to you today is to wait to address an envelope to a friend or family who you know will be moving or having a name change. I made a list of those people and put them in the envelope box, but do not forget to save a blank envelope for them! 

So endure the brunt work now, purchase your Christmas 2011 cards, search for addresses of loved ones, address the envelopes and store with your Christmas decorations! Then you can rest easy as the holiday season approaches. No need to get stressed out and bogged down by a little detail, such as sending out Christmas cards!

Do you have a small tip on how to eliminate stress during the holiday season? Post a comment to share it with my blog followers. Thanks!

     Torrie Anderson
Debbie Robbins
1/6/2011 10:39:55 pm

Yet another great how about one for taking down your Christmas decorations from 2010...should I just leave them up until 2011 since it's already Jan. 7th LOL! Probably not, right? Love you blog!


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