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Congratulations to Amy Feeser and Julie Wells who will be receiving a handmade flower brooch. Ladies, please fill out the form below. It will be kept confidential and will be sent directly to my email address. Thanks!!!

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Stephen and I will be working on a project all weekend. I am so stinking excited, I wish it would be 5:00 already! :)

Here is a BEFORE picture of what we are working with...
We plan to make both walls a big collage of picture frames. I am a little nervous of how it is going to turn out to be honest. I really do not want it to be too cluttered, but we just have so many frames that we LOVE! The frames that are on the wall currently are 1) coming down and 2) crooked like crazy. I bought some adhesive stuff from Michael's that will prevent the frames from moving and will not leave a residue on the wall. Phew!

I made Stephen a pretty awesome collage for Christmas two years ago, which is what inspired this weekend project. We took apart that present and are reusing the frames in this project. Unfortunately, I do not have a picture of the present I made him - so sad! Here are a couple of other pictures I found online that I like...
We will see how it goes. :) I will report back on next week. Happy Friday!

     Torrie Anderson

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