FEATURE: Home decorating by Katelyn James Alsop -
I have always been a fan of Katelyn James' (now Alsop!!!) style. I was first introduced to it during college. I went with a friend to her house on Halloween. It was so modern and so chic. I absolutely love Katelyn's style and sometimes wish I could make things look as pretty as she does. I am quite jealous that she not only decorates so beautifully, but can take beautiful pictures of her beautiful masterpieces. Exactly why I just use my cell phone to take pictures for my blog - my pictures will never compare to Katelyn James Photography, Hannah Grimes Photography or Rebekah J. Murray Photography! I love you girls!

I met Katelyn in college. We were both in the same major, so we had a couple of classes together. Katelyn and I both got engaged our Senior year of college, so we had lots to talk about. :) She is a wonderful wedding photographer if you are looking for one. She had the privilege of taking another one of my good friend's wedding pictures, Connie and Nathan Bray, the same day Stephen and I got married. You can see them here! Anyways, I follow her blog on a daily basis and today's post got me especially excited! She posted before and after pictures of her bedroom! I love home decor!
It is so beautiful! Don't you think? You can see the before pictures and more after pictures on her blog. Click here.

Katelyn, Thanks for taking a break from Wedding Wednesday to show a glimpse of the beautiful home you are creating. :) I wish Stephen and I were still in Richmond so you could decorate my home too! Love you!

Check back tomorrow! I have a tip for all you who like to send out Christmas cards!

     Torrie Anderson
1/5/2011 06:29:18 am

thanks girl!!! You're too sweet! :)

Becca Christophel
1/5/2011 08:27:50 am

OK....Jared is in love with Katelyn James Photography!! He came over to the computer to see what I was looking at and insisted on going through every picture of hers!!! They are BEAUTIFUL!!! Thanks for sharing. You'll have to tell Jared if she ever gives photography tips on her blog!

9/15/2011 04:22:53 pm

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