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So just a little update to you faithful bloggers (who check my blog every day even though I have not posted for two weeks - thank you!)...my job is going GREAT! I am so fortunate to be placed at the store that I am right now. My manager and assistant manager are incredibly patient with me. I also work with two part-timers - one is a girl! :) :) :) I was SO happy to see her after my first day of work. Oh by the way, I work in a male dominated industry. It was a difficult to adjust to. My manager told me to roll out two-five gallon buckets of paint that one of customers purchased on my very first day there. I seriously thought...WHAT A JERK! How could he expect me, a girl, to do something that a man can do just fine by himself! I learned quick that if I try to be a girly girl and get the men at work to do everything for me, I will get eaten alive. I offer to carry out 3+ five gallons buckets and much more now. I actually enjoy it too - it is kind of empowering. One lady told me today that I am a strong girl - I laughed because I really am not strong at all. I cry on the inside when I have to pick up a box of four gallons of paint. Ha! It's not that bad, it has just been an adjustment.

I have enjoyed getting my hands (and clothes) dirty. I like the physical part of my job. Aside from lifting and moving merchandise onto and around the floor, as well as in our warehouse, I mix paint, match paint samples and give my two sense to DIYers who need help picking out paint colors and wallpaper for their homes. It's fun!

On a deeper note, it has been a challenge too. I am in a 6 week training program. At the end I am supposed to be an assistant manager of a store. News flash! It has already been 2 weeks! I cannot even believe it. The rate at which this training program operates, I feel like my pride is being tested. There are numerous times throughout the day, even over the course of 30 minutes, that I have had to ask the same question more than one time. It is embarrassing, but I know that I will need to stand on my own two feet one day, so I have to ask. I would hate to do something wrong and/or learn how to do something the wrong way.

The other thing that has been quite challenging is  interacting with my co-workers. I want to be a witness of Christ (all the time), but even at work. However, some of the things that are said and the conversations that take place are not honoring to the Lord. Being the new girl, everyone wants to tell stories (stories that I do not really care to hear about). The challenge is how do I respond without coming across as being cold, rude, and judgmental? It is hard!

Stephen and I both work in similar industries. To be honest, I think it has brought us closer together. Sounds weird. It really has though. We get each other just because we experience similar things throughout our work day. It has been such a blessing! Unfortunately, I had to work today from 9-4 and tomorrow from 10-4. It makes me really sad because we both really look forward to spending the weekends together (AND our niece and nephew came in town this weekend!). Stephen has been really good to me. He cooks dinner when he gets home before me, makes my breakfast and/or lunch, and keeps the house picked up. It has made the transition so much easier! :)

     Torrie Anderson
3/2/2011 06:25:07 am

Hi Torrie! Thanks for sharing so intimately about your job.Glad you like it. Congratulations! Love, Grandma M.

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