Craftaholic in the making. -
Oh my word! I am in WAY over my head. There is so much I want to do! As I was walking out of Michael's this afternoon I thought to myself, I wonder if Stephen will approve of adding a crafting budget to our finances?! Probably - I will wait until I get a job though! Ooh! I am so excited! :)

Stephen and I are watching a football game tonight - supposedly it is a big deal. Thanks to my Mom and Dad, we will be using our Buffalo Wild Wings gift card for dinner! Football, card games, and of course crafts is what we are doing tonight (to clarify, Stephen WILL NOT be doing crafts!). To start my new craft project this evening, I bought these from Michael's for $2.99...
Oh and just because I like the feeling of getting a good deal, each of these bar pins were $0.05 EACH! 

Do YOU know what I am making?! Take a wild guess! I will reveal the finished product tomorrow, so do not forget to check back!

     Torrie Anderson

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