Craft Day! -
This past Saturday, three of my friends came over to do crafts! :)
Faith Anne (aka. FAB) did two crafts. 
   1. She made a bracelet out of string. 
   2. She decoupaged fabric, newspaper and magazine clippings, and scraps from coffee filters onto a canvas and painted it, as well. 

Oh and you probably remember FAB from this post.

Hannah decoupaged. She had two keepsake notebooks that she was not too crazy about. We talked about how silly it is that companies print barcodes on the backs of keepsake notebooks. There is NOTHING pretty about that. She used two foreign magazines to decoupage the notebook.

Becka surprised us the most! She came into my house talking about how uncreative she was and how she wanted to paint, but did not know how to. Psh! This girl wrote the word 'wisdom' on a stretch canvas with hot glue, then painted over it. It was beautiful. :) Unfortunately, I do not have a picture of it. (hey, becka! want to send me a picture?)

Oh yeah! Stephen got in on the action not really! He sat in the room next to us and played xbox. It was nice having him around! He is such a good husband! He has been so supportive of my crafting! :) Thanks babe!!

I did a couple of different crafts. The time went by way too fast! I probably could have sat there until midnight doing crafts with these girls.
   1. I made a flower brooch to cover up an ugly stain on one of my favorite sweaters. The flower brooch has a pin attached on  
   the back so that I can remove it and pin on another one to coordinate with my outfits. Pretty nifty, huh?
   2. I covered an awful-colored headband with black fabric and made two other flower brooch to attach to it. On the back of 
   this flower brooch I attached an alligator clip so that I can use the headband with many different outfits. I tend to wear a lot of black
   and brown, so this will allow me to introduce some color into my wardrobe. :)
   3. I covered a candlestick with scraps of coffee filters. You can read about that in a post I wrote earlier this week.

All in all, it was a very successful afternoon! I am already wishing we could get together again soon. Unfortunately (but really fortunately), Hannah is leaving for Africa in less than two weeks. It just would not be the same without her. Hm...maybe we could Skype and craft at the same time. Or I could just go to Africa! :) My husband said I could go if I found a free plane ticket! Ha! Anyone have frequent flyer points they want to share?! :) Haha! I am totally kidding. Please be praying for Hannah while she is preparing for this 3 month trip and while she is there. If you want to see what she is up to, you can follow her on her blog called songambele. P.S. She took all of those pictures up there too! :) To see more of her work, click here.

Happy crafting!


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