Coffee filters are NOT JUST FOR COFFEE! -
You must think I am crazy! I am serious about this though...stay with me.

I found some natural coffee filters at Food Lion for about $1.50. There are 250 in a pack. We already had coffee filters at the house, so what in the world was I doing buying coffee filters? I was crafting, duh?!
Photo by Hannah Grimes Photography
Photo by Hannah Grimes Photography
I purchased a grapevine wreath from CHKD Thrift Store for about $2.50 and hot glued about 300 coffee filters onto it. Total cost = approximately $6.00 (including the glue sticks that I used) Not too bad, eh?

This past Saturday, three of my friends came over for a craft day. I will be posting about it later this week. I had a whole bunch of leftover scraps from the coffee filters, so I decoupaged some of it onto a plain white candle stick. It is hard to see in these pictures, but it has a crinkle effect that makes it look antique-y (ha!) and old. :)

I have to share one more thing! I absolutely love things that have a story behind them. For example, our kitchen table was Stephen's Grandad's when him and his wife were first married. :) The two chairs (not the ones leaning up against the wall), Stephen put together with his Grandad this past summer, and him and I stained them. The twig accessory on the table was one of the centerpieces on the tables at our wedding reception. AND the jar with the dried flowers in it, is a milk jug that Stephen and I dug up with his family when were visiting the farm a few months ago.

Making a coffee filter wreath is surprisingly easy! All you need is a little patience - it takes a while to finish. What do you think...should I add an embellishment to the wreath, or leave it the way that it is?

     Torrie Anderson
Stephanie Moberg
1/31/2011 12:08:29 pm

Torrie, I absolutely love your ideas! You are coming to decorate my house! :) Love you!

1/31/2011 06:44:32 pm

step by step of making this wreath, please! love it!

2/2/2011 07:03:09 pm

love it Torrie! just the way it is! beautiful in its simplicity - the whole space there in the pix!


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