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Yesterday I read a blog post about doing things to make cleaning up the kitchen more enjoyable. This woman bought a hand soap dispenser for her dish soap. She said it made her kitchen sink (full of dirty dishes) more inviting. It works because I did the same thing with an oil and vinegar sets (one for dish soap and one for hand soap). It looks so much better than your plastic bottle of dish soap sitting on the counter. Why wouldn't you want to clean your dishes when you can use something so pretty! :) You can read the blog post here. AND you can see the oil and vinegar set that I have here.

Anyways, the blog post I read inspired me to share a tip with you that I am starting myself this year. I have heard from so many women how behind they are on scrapbooking their children's baby albums (*cough*cough* including my own mom *cough*cough*). While I know some women like to scrapbook the traditional way, Apple books are such a good way to go (or any of the other various brands - I have a Mac, so that is what I use).

Decide what you are going to scrapbook. Choose your theme. Set it up. Then, when you have taken new pictures, you can put them in right after they have been imported and add memories before you forget all of the details. :) Easy, right? To be honest, I think it will save you more time and heart ache in the long run.

I told Stephen that I want to have our years of marriage before children documented really well. I think it would be so fun to share it with our children one day and just to look back by ourselves and reminisce. So...we started with this year (2011). Here are a few screenshots...
The wording is not finalized, but my tip is that you just get down as much detail as you can. You can fix it right before you order the book.

There are so many different brands you can choose from. Do a google search and I bet you will find one that suits your taste just perfectly! Have fun!

     Torrie Anderson
Becca Christophel
1/26/2011 11:49:19 pm

I am wondering if God is trying to tell me something :) I woke up this morning trying to think of something the kids and I can do today (we are snowed in)....& I started thinking of how unorganized and behind I am on my scrapbooks....I was getting stressed out so I decided to read blogs for a minute instead :)

Debbie Robbins
1/27/2011 04:01:59 am

I guess I am busted! Just for that inspiration I think I will call it a day at work and go home and scrapbook :) How I wish that I could. I love your blog and what you are doing. I wish I had documented our earlier days to have shared with you, so in this second phase of life I should document for my grandbabies when that time comes. Lots of love to you and Stephen.


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