A new use for wire coat hangers! -
I used to despise wire coat hangers until now...
What I used:
- 1 wire coat hanger
- strips of leftover fabric scraps
- hot glue
- plastic mesh
- scissors
- corners of card stock clipped off

I made this wreath specially for Miss Hannah Grimes. She leaves THIS Tuesday for Africa!!! So excited for her. She just found out that she will have a furnished room while she is there and plans to make it a little more homey. I mean it will be her home for three months after all. I wanted to help her make it feel like her temporary home away from home. Hannah, I love you and cannot wait to see how God is going to use you in Africa. I know that this is a dream come true and I could not be any happier for you! I will miss you terribly and look forward to your homecoming! :)

     Torrie Anderson
2/10/2011 11:20:39 am

I am sending you a photo this once I get it up in my room in Kenya!!! Thanks friend - I love it!!

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