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I know I know I know. I will probably get a hard time for this decision!

Life has gotten so busy now that Stephen and I are both working....9-10 hours days/each mind you. It's pretty tough. When we get home from work, we just want to chill out. I believe last night I fell asleep around 9:00. AND I have been known to doze off right after dinner. Eek! 

Anyways, my blog has been neglected and I have been feeling guilty. My solution is to use Google to it's maximum capacity. Haha! I got the Droid X about a month ago if that explains anything. Today, on my day off (woohoo!) I converted all of my blog subscriptions over to Google Reader. I wish someone would post something so I can see how it works! Anyways, I just learned that I can share posts and add a special note to it. So...this is what I am going to do for a while instead of Awe of Small. I will still be sharing craft ideas, but they just won't be mine. You see, in my old blog reader I have 227 ideas saved that I have been wanting to share. NOW with the wonderful power of Google I can share them with you. Don't worry though, I won't share them all. I started off with a post that I read this morning. It is a beautiful Spring wreath! Please check it out! :)

Just for you faithful followers, I am going to be deleting my Twitter and Facebook account for Awe of Small. It's sad, but I love downsizing. I think this new way is going to be much better. If you want to get in touch with me...

Facebook: Torrie Anderson
Starred Posts (where I post others ideas I find):

We will see how this goes. I am still not too sure how I will share my own ideas. Maybe I will still have to use the blog, but for now I am saying bye-bye. It's been fun! Thanks for following and don't forget to go here (AND ADD IT TO YOUR LIST OF BLOGS TO FOLLOW!!!). :)

     Torrie Anderson